Be alert hackers sms in Germany please don’t open

Be alert

There are currently again SMS messages in circulation that contain a link for parcel tracking. Instead of seeing the location of the parcel, however, malware is installed on the smartphone. Here you get all the information you know about & how to behave.

In the short messages there is usually only a short text in which an incoming package is pointed out. In order to follow the dispatch of the parcel, one should click on a link sent with it. The goal behind this is to bring malware onto the device. Opening the link compromises the mobile phone and installs the malware. The software then automatically sends SMS messages with the same content to many other contacts – in some cases, in the event of an unnoticed infection, well over 1,000 messages (sometimes also to foreign numbers) were sent. Depending on the tariff, this can lead to considerable costs.

Delete the SMS directly and never click on the link. In addition, share the information with family and friends. It is also possible to activate a third-party lock in the settings of the mobile phone in order to prevent the installation of such software in the future. If you have already clicked on the link, then switch your mobile phone to flight mode and inform the provider.

The Federal Office for Information Security has put together some more information on how to secure your smartphone:

Hackers are sending links on mobile sms with links. DO NOT click these links !

Lots of people have received such messages. Be careful.

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