Workplace Culture

Germans a more formal in the work place. The form of address is usually Herr(Mr.) and Frau(Mrs./Ms.) followed by the last name. If the person has a title, such as Dr.(Ph.D.), it is used. All this may vary with the particular location and age groups involved. German Managers often keep their doors closed and appointments are required. Meetings are held punctually.

Business entertaining is not usually done at home. An invitation to someone’s home is considered an honor. On such aoccasion, its considered nice to carry some flowers or candies or something else. In general, German business people do often no mix business with their leisure activities. On the other hand birthdays are usually celebrated at the office with refreshments supplied by individual. Upon joining or leaving a department, it is customary for the individual concerned to sponsor a small get-together with refreshments in the office.

Generally work starts at 7:00 or 8:00 AM and ends around 3:00 or 4:00 PM. A common myth lies among the people about working is to get fired from the job, which is not true. No employee is fired without any serious reasons such as stealing or threatening his/her co-worker’s. Foreigners, may find it difficult to settle themselves in the new working environment. If a synonym would be used to address and define Germany’s work culture it would be ”Punctuality”. People living in Germany are often referred as optimistic in terms of their appointments and schedule. And as described by Expats they carry following tags or qualities : Punctual, Goal oriented, Well planned, professional, perfectionists, Organised, Arrogant, Strong, Principled, Reliable. Generally some German customs leave foreigners amused such as greeting ‘Mahlzeit’ at lunch time, and ‘Feierabend’ at the time of leaving from their jobs.

Pleasure and Business are often regarded as separate entities. There lies a clear separation line between work and family in Germany; while in words of an American ” work is play and play is play”. An overview of German working culture shows an average German spends more time in work rather than in family; in other words ” Workaholics”

Student Culture

Germany has to offer vast range of activities to every student studying here. An exquisite place in which student makes up to almost one third of its population. It enjoys enormous number of places where students can relax and enjoy their student life. Students have lot of opportunities in order to make themselves involved in varieties of activities such as arts, sports, music, cinema etc. Moreover there exists great culture of socializing with fellow students. Usually student form groups an explore their cities in Germany. Incoming students are always advised to take advantage of events and programme and it would provide opportunities for interaction and making their social groups. Further Housing doesn’t seems to be a problem, as each universities provide student dormitories(Studentenwerk) and there are always options of private apartments. Food is usually very cheap in the canteens or else self cooking is not so expensive either. Internet is normally provided in dormitories itself, while in big cities one can get by paying some additional costs. Alternatively full internet access is always an option in the Computer Labs. Talking about the transportation, one cannot deny Germany as one of the best transportation system. On an average expense of around 50 Euros a student can get monthly pass for travelling by busses, subways, trains and trams.

Planning Culture

German’s are known as masters of planning. German’s believe that sensible planning in one’s personal and professional life leads to the sense of security. There is always a line of demarcation between people, places and things in Germany for leading structured and systematic life. Normally while working, a person is expected to leave the premises. As to German’s it indicates that you are not properly planned.

Social life

In general, Germans appear more serious than Americans, but this should not be misunderstood as unfriendliness.Friendship are valued in Germany but they take a relatively long time to develop. Relationships with acquaintances are more formal than in the US. Normally, Germans do not “drop in” for a chat but wait to be invited. The invitation is taken seriously.

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