Fellow Travellers my experience from BRU>>FRA>>DEL (LUFTANSA) & DEL>>MAA (AIR INDIA) on 1st April 2021

Fellow Travellers my experience from BRU>>FRA>>DEL (LUFTANSA) & DEL>>MAA (AIR INDIA) on 1st April 2021

Required documents:

My flight to FRA was at 9:00 am , in Lufthansa the online checkin was stopped and can do it only in the airport if you show the below :

1) MANDATORY Negative PCR report 48 hours
2) self declaration form
3) they dint ask proof but they asked if I have booked the COVID test in Delhi (PLS DONT BOOK , more on that below)
4)They told me to fill an sworn statement before security , I forgot and also no one checked or asked for it

**some people however was able to do a checkin and fly to FRA with 72 hours report but was denied boarding in FRA , they are extremely strict. THERE IS NO WORKAROUND.


Flight arrived at 10:00 and my DEL FLIGHT is at 13:40.

There was no security checks ( applicable only if you are traveling within schengen ) reached gate at 10:55 soooper booored for 2 hours, around 12:50 there were some chaos because ppl were not allowed to board coz of the 72 hours test report, atleast they had to miss this flight.

Docs checked before boarding:
3) self declaration

At the end smooth boarding and also randomly they upgraded some passengers to premium economy 😉 they come for drinks only once pls don’t ask for 5 glasses of wine and 4 beers at the same time, they will provide but you won’t have space to keep it eventually spill (happened)

At Delhi:

Should I prebook the test ?? : DONT BOOK

People who paid on the spot for the test had finished their test and travelled to their destinations but we were still waiting in line (exaggerated but yeah thats the feeling) , ppl who waited with me shall agree. It would take 5-10 for registering one person for people who paid. But you can already see people who dint book are waving bye ✌🏻 to you and leaving.

Things to note :

1) You have to fill a PLF form pls carry a pen
2) if you don’t have a indian sim , no wifi for you.
3) if DEL is not your final destination DO NOT CARRY ALCOHOL IN cabin luggage
4) DEL Domestic airport was extremely crowded and the process is hopelessly antiquated so don’t expect any kind of social distancing. Even the bus to the airport was so full.

Flight seating :

BRU >> FRA : alternate seating
FRA>>DEL : Flight full, no alt seatings

Some advice:

Don’t shout or annoy at the service people they really showed it they do the best to help everyone.

They deboard people on row basis, People started to get up and open the cabins as soon the flight landed and the hostess got annoyed, so stay at your place and do not provoke anybody.

Overall it was really good , I missed all these .

*writing this post eating idli vada sambar and kesri * 😅
Feel free to ask me anything.

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