How to book a New Residence Card in Norway ?

How to book a New Residence Card in Norway


Checklist you need to bring to the police for new residence card :

  • signed cover letter
  • valid passport
  • if you have had another passport for the last four years: your old passport
  • your old residence card (if you have one)
  • if you have changed your name: documentation of name change
  • for children under 3 years: passport photo in colour.

When you apply for a permanent right of residence, you must submit documents :

  • that you have lived in Norway continuously for at least five years, and
  • that you have had a basis of residence (been an employee, self-employed, student, lived here with sufficient funds or are a family member of such a person) in Norway in all these years

Which documents you must submit will vary according to the basis of residence you have had in Norway. If you have had different grounds for residence, you must provide documentation that shows all your grounds for residence.

You must provide a passport or national ID card. Whether you need to provide any more documentation depends on your situation.

When you show up at the police station, you must show the originals and hand in a copy of each document.

Documents an employee can submit

If you have been working continuously for the past five years, you do not need to provide documentation that shows this. The UDI collects the information we need from the Tax Administration.

If you have not been employed continuously for the past five years, or you believe that you fulfilled the conditions for permanent right of residence at an earlier time, you must enclose documentation for all the years you have had a right of residence in Norway.

If you have stopped working, or have had periods without work, you may have retained your right of residence as an employee under certain conditions. You must submit documentation that shows why you have not been to work. This can be:

  • documentation from a doctor showing that you are or have been temporarily unable to work as a result of illness or accident,
  • documentation from NAV that shows that you are involuntarily unemployed and have registered as a jobseeker with NAV,
  • documentation that shows that you have started a vocational education.

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