Welcome to white calling call India directly from your phone for first free minutes

White Calling app
Designed for iPhone and Android users, the app offers…

Lowest international call rates
Great call quality and reliability
Easy to use and no sign-up required
Free credit when you download the app – try us out!
No need for the person you are calling to have the app
Earn €5 with each friend you refer

Three ways to call:
The app calls our local access number automatically. Perfect if you have free monthly minutes from your mobile network. Best call reliability, especially if you are on the move.
Choose to call over Wi-Fi if you are on Pay-As-You-Go or if you don’t have a strong mobile network signal. Also great when you are travelling abroad and are connected to Wi-Fi.
Choose 3G/4G option if you don’t want to use your operator’s call allowance or if you have a large mobile data allowance from your network.

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